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Anders Keith Joins Paramount+ Fraiser Sequel Series As Niles And Daphne’s Son


According to Variety, Anders Keith has been added to the “Frasier” reboot to play David Crane, the son of Niles and Daphne Crane. After graduating from Julliard in May 2022, the young actor will make his professional onscreen debut with this project.

David (not Ichabod, as Roz named him on his St. Osric’s Pre-Kindergarten Academy and Day Care Center application before he was conceived) first appeared in the two-part series finale “Goodbye, Seattle” from 2004 when he was born in a veterinarian’s office on the day of his grandfather Martin’s wedding to Ronee Lawrence. Now a college freshman, he is described as awkward with unearned confidence, which basically makes him just like most college freshmen. Although, Frasier’s nephew and Freddy’s cousin also has “Niles’ intelligence, Daphne’s smile, and neither of their polish.” Thanks to his “earnest enthusiasm,” we’ll see that David and his uncle have formed quite a bond.

While it will be great to properly meet David as a fully formed person, there’s no word on whether or not his sisters will be included or even addressed in the new series. Based on the episode “Rooms With A View,” everyone experiences flashbacks of past visits to the hospital when Niles is admitted for a bypass heart surgery. But in a flash forward, David is nowhere to be seen as his father holds a young girl and his mother holds a newborn baby girl. It’s possible that the story told by Chris Harris of “How I Met Your Mother” and Joe Cristalli of “Life In Pieces” takes place in a different part of the multiverse where Niles and Daphne only had a son instead of two daughters, but we’ll see how it plays out when the show debuts.

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