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Gael García Bernal Praises ‘Station Eleven’ Experience at Sundance – The Hollywood Reporter


Gael García Bernal stopped by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Studio at Sundance, presented by Heineken Silver and Origin Spring Water, to discuss his new film Cassandro. The movie, directed by Roger Ross Williams, tells the true story of the homosexual “exótico” wrestler Saúl Armendáriz, who created the famous eponymous wrestling character and rose to international stardom.

While in the Sundance Studio promoting Cassandro, Bernal was asked about his role as Arthur in the criminally underrated HBO literary adaptation Station Eleven, based on the graphic novel by Emily St. John Mandel, and whether we might see him in a rumored second St. John Mandel television project developed from her 2020 novel The Glass Hotel. 

“That would be incredible, no?” he responded. “That would be lovely.” 

Asked about his opinion of Station Eleven as a completed work, he says “I love that series, I love how it came out. I feel it’s such an important series, and I loved every minute of it. I think I hadn’t [ever] watched something on television that I felt so emotional about every single thing, and I think it’s because it is about the end of things.”

“It is about what happens after everything changes, through the point of view of theater and actors making stuff,” he continued. “A big part of our communities is that we’re able to represent other people. People who we are not. So it is an incredibly strong metaphor and thesis for what we need to do. We need more empathy. And kids should experience being actors. To play as an actor, it’s such a nice way to grow up and to be able to play with complete freedom.”

In August, Deadline reported that St. John Mandel and Station Eleven series creator Patrick Somerville would reunite to adapt The Glass Hotel for HBO Max, as well as the author’s upcoming novel Sea of Tranquility.

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