Ted Lasso season 3: Release date, cast & how to watch


Everything you need to know about when the third season of Ted Lasso will premiere on Apple TV and more

Ted Lasso has been a massive hit with audiences and critics alike, the Apple TV series that stars Jason Sudeikis as the charismatic and well-meaning Coach Lasso as he tries to bring glory to fictional Premiership club AFC Richmond.

The series has been lauded for its light-hearted, positive humour and the way it deals with discussions surrounding mental health, and swept the 2021 Emmy Awards; Sudeikis won the Emmy for Best Actor, Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein won Best Supporting Actress and Actor, and the program won the Best Comedy Series award

With the season two finale of Ted Lasso having aired, will there be a season 3 and when will it be released? Goal takes a look.

Will there be a third season of Ted Lasso?

Yes, there will be a season three of Ted Lasso.

A third season of Ted Lasso was already commissioned prior to the production of Season 2 and was announced in October 2020.

The ending of the second season definitely paved the way for a next chapter in the story, with the character of Nate defecting from AFC Richmond to work as a coach at West Ham, which had just been bought by Rebecca Walton’s ex-husband. Tensions are sure to rise between AFC Richmond and West Ham in the next instalment of the series, with Ted having to deal with Nate’s turning to the dark side and working for “the enemy”.

The series two finale also included a potential cliffhanger with Keeley and Roy’s romance heading into unknown territory, after Keeley turned down Roy’s offer to go on a six-week holiday and prompting him to question their future together.

In season three, AFC Richmond will also don Nike gear, with the sportswear giant teaming up with the Greyhounds. Nike replaces ‘Verani’, a fictional sports brand.